Corporate identity design

Corporate identity has become a universal technique for promoting companies and improving corporate culture.Many companies pay large amounts of money for an identity that is extremely distinguishable, so it can appeal more to its targeted audience.
Logo Design
Your logo is a statement of your business to the world. Existing clients, prospective clients, suppliers and staff all identify with the purpose and values of your company through a logo. Your logo can influence whether a customer will buy your product or service, and can even attract the right suppliers with the right prices to your business.

Getting your logo right is central to the success of your business, whether you are a large or small firm, conventional or internet-based. A professionally designed logo by Bcube Solutions will encapsulate all this in your logo and much, much more at a very special price. An ideal logo displays a touch of magically grabbing attention, making a bold statement, and etching itself into everyone's memory. At Bcube Solutions, our professional design team knows precisely what it takes to make that magic happen. Our goal is to help each company create its own unique and memorable corporate identity – quickly, efficiently and importantly affordable.
Brochure Design & Catalog Design
The brochure is one of the best ways to present your company. There are tri-fold brochures used to advertise a new product or service that your company offers, or there are bi-fold folders that are used to present your company projects outside or inside it.

There are different brochure types, and every type has a different way to be designed. The criterion adopted to design a bi-fold brochure to present your company projects for internal use would be different from the one for external use.
Leaflet & Flyer Design
Promote your business through Leaflet and get an instant attention. Leaflets are open letters with an intention to promote business to a targeted audience . These promotional leaflets usually found at places where there is high footfall such as showrooms, hotels, cafes and libraries. To get prompt attention, flyer design are very handy. Hence, leaflets should have a striking appeal which can create an urge in readers.

We provide you a design concept that accommodate maximum information on a page along with a catchy design.